H-4 Expanding to Windward Oahu with New Pilot Project

The Hawai‘i Homeless Healthcare Hui (H-4), a nonprofit organization that currently operates at two temporary sites—the Institute for Human Services in Iwilei and the Chinatown Joint Outreach Center—has opened another outreach site with an urgent care center in Windward Oahu.

The three-year pilot program, which officially opened on August 19, offers medical and social services to homeless in Kaneohe. The urgent care center, next to the Honolulu Police Department, offers a less costly alternative to care received in a hospital emergency room.

According to the Institute for Human Services, Windward Oahu has the second-highest number of unsheltered individuals who are part of a family on the island.

Supporting Continuity of Care

Providing quality health care services to homeless individuals is a daunting challenge. Follow-up care and compliance are difficult because they may be transient, but the Hawai‘i Health Information Exchange is offering a solution to this dilemma.

“We’re glad to be able to leverage our technology and expertise to be a part of the solution that offers Hawaii’s homeless a place to live and receive medical care and social services,” said Francis Chan, CEO of the Hawai‘i Health Information Exchange. “We want continue to be a reliable partner for H-4 as they expand their outreach in the community.”

Better Care and Health Outcomes

“With access to patient data, we can avoid unnecessary diagnostic procedures and can provide better treatment options for those without homes, including those with severe mental illness,” said Dr. Scott Miscovich. “This translates into better care and better health outcomes.”

H-4 is a nonprofit organization is a public-private partnership with funding from the state and city government, with the lion’s share of support from private contributions from businesses and nonprofit organizations.