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Hawaii Health Information Exchange expands service to reduce duplicate patient records

By Kelsea Kukaua Medeiros –  Associate Editor, Pacific Business News

Hawaii Health Information Exchange, or HHIE, the state’s designated health information exchange nonprofit, is expanding its offerings to its health partners under a full-service program with 4medica, a California-based health care data management and software company.

In a Feb. 14 release, officials with HHIE said 4medica’s cloud-based Health Data Quality Platform found significant duplicate patient records in the Islands.

According to Francis Chan, CEO of HHIE, 20% of Hawaii’s total records are duplicate records, accounting for 1.4 million people. He told PBN that prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of duplicates was more manageable; however, with large influxes of Covid testing, the issue needed to be addressed further.

“4medica has proven they can resolve the differences down to 1%,” Chan told PBN.  

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